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ICG has researched and located an excellent visitor tracking and communication software tool that not only allows you to watch site visitors in real time, but also can track key phrase / source against actions such as an enquiry form being completed.

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Ace Lamps - Vistor Feedback

A visitor has supplied the following information on the 'PostForm':

Were your questions answered?: yes

How did you find our site?: google

Would you return to our site?: yes

Any comments you have?:   so useful and has saved me time and money in not
ordering something that would breach electrical regulations

Improve Conversions from your Website

ICG specialise in improving customer websites to improve conversions.

E-commerce Websites - Make More Sales

Did you know that an average e-commerce webstie only converts 1% of visitors into sales?

Many companies think that the only way to increase sales is to just get masses more traffic.

In truth, some intelligent changes to the site, and the implementation of some smart technology could well double or more your conversion rate, from the traffic you are already receiving!

Lead Generation Websites - Get More Leads

Marketing or lead generation websites also suffer from low conversion rates.

Obtaining an enquiry from a webpage is an art. ICG has the method and technology to make dramatic improvements to most websites lead generatoin processes.

The latest techonology - At the right time!

ICG is having phenomenal success by implementing some new software into customers websites that:

  • Allows them to track site visitors in more or less real time
  • Allows visitors to directly engage them when they have a question
  • Allows them to directly engage customers they perceive to be of value

So far customers are seeing a 15% increaes in sales from the implementatoin of this software and ICG's assistance.

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